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Compressor Manufacturers and Suppliers

Compressor Manufacturer : HOWDEN
Description : Howden's manufacturing plant is in Glasgow Scotland where bare-shaft screw compressor units are manufactured and distributed on a worldwide basis. Screw compressors have been a large part of Howden's success. Some of Howden's main markets are process gas handling and refrigeration. They also manufacture and supply gas turbine boosters and gas pressure systems
Contact Info : Tel: +44 141 885 7300
Compressor Manufacturer : METALEX CRYOGENICS LTD
Description : Metalex Cryogenics specializes in the manufacturing of Refrigeration Compressors (reciprocating type) It is an ISO9001:2000 company for Gas Compressors and has applications in various industries which include vegetable oil refineries, frozen storage facilities, chilled water plants, ice making plants and general cold storage. The open-type refrigeration compressor is available in single stage, two stage or custom built according to compressor specifications. Also an international exporter.
Contact Info : Tel: +91-20-25881117/18
Compressor Manufacturer : ARIEL CORPORATION
Description : World standard in Gas Compressor Design and Manufacturing . Applications might include Air Nitrogen Injection, Coal Bed Methane, Acid Gas Injection, compressed natural gas, gas turbine boosters, Landfill Gas, Pipeline Transmission and Refrigeration with more than 33,000 installations around the world.
Contact Info : Tel: (740) 397-0311
Compressor Manufacturer : BRAHMA COMPRESSION
Description : International supplier and manufacturer of Compressors and developer of sub 200 horse power gas compressors for a variety of applications. The company has a 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility and support for field services and operator training. It's main compressor manufacturing plant is in Calgary, AB, Canada
Contact Info : Tel: 403-287-6990
Compressor Manufacturer : LEROI GAS COMPRESSORS
Description : A leading manufacturer of rotary compression technologies /compressed gas systems. Great benefits of the Leroi line are integral gearing, greater bearing life longevity, heavy duty construction materials and versatile options. The ranges are up to 350 PSIG for single stage units and 500 for dual stage. The Leroi Gas Compressor has been meeting the growing demands of the oil and gas industry.
Contact Info : Tel:  (937) 498-2555