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Heat Transfer Solutions

Heat Exchangers Vendor: ENGINEMATES
Description :

Enginemates is a specialist in Heat Transfer Solutions in various industries which include Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Generator Sets, CNG Compressors, Pipelines, Refineries and offshore platforms. The complete heat transferring solutions include Air Fin Coolers, Air cooled heat exchangers, intercoolers, oil coolers, engine radiators, Aluminium Finned Tubes, compressor gas coolers and more. To find out about our offering please visit our website.

Contact Info : Tel: +91 22 2591 9293
Heat Exchangers Vendor: JFD COIL
Description : The JDF Coil Company is certified to ASME standards for U, UM, R in design fabrication and repair of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. JDF Tube and Coil Products is equipped with a 13,000 sq ft production floor and the engineering department is equipped with the latest in Aspen, AutoCAD, design for Fin Coils, and field measurement equipment for unique applications
Contact Info : Tel: (800) 824-2664
Description : Manufacturer of air cooled heat exchangers and able to build to custom specifications or specific requirements of an international market. Our working area is 110,000 sq ft which includes our offices, layout and welding area, finning ,assembly and testing facilities. Some of our products are Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Industrial Radiators, Packaged Cooling Systems, Finned Tube Bundles and Finned Tubing. Also supports replacement parts and after market service.
Contact Info : Tel: 713-675-3511