Pig Launchers and Receivers

Water in Oil Monitor

Pig Launchers and Receivers

Pig Launchers and Receivers

Compressor Manufacturer : T.D. Williamson
Description :

TDW offer many solutions

  • Hot Tapping and Plugging Solutions
  • Emergency Response
  • Offshore and Pipeline
  • Pigging Solutions
  • Gas Distribution Solutions and Online Inspection

TDW is a world class pipeline equipment company with experience in onshore and offshore work. TDW has designed and maintained oilfield systems,  machinery  pipeline pigs, gas leak detectors, cathodic protective services and products as well as all around services and training.

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The pipeline pig launcher system allows a series of pipeline pigs to be launched into a pipeline at operator controlled intervals while minimising the number of times a pig trap door has to be opened to access a pipeline for pigging.